Please apply at least six months before your wedding date. We strive to serve as many couples as possible, however, during popular wedding seasons where there is higher demand, we cannot guarantee we will be able to serve couples with less than six months notice.


Our Premarital Counseling is open to everyone. We believe marriage is a covenant for life and we take the preparation seriously. We desire to serve couples in our city by building strong marriages that are prepared to endure the long haul. If you are planning on getting married and are not a part of The Paradox or you know someone who is we welcome you to apply below or contact us here.

We know it is easy to get swept up in the busyness of planning for a wedding and in the process, forget you really need to be planning for marriage. Our desire for premarital counseling is to guide you into a deeper understanding of the Gospel and Jesus’ purpose for your life and future marriage, by encouraging you to grapple with hard questions and look for hope, meaning, and change through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit and community. We believe Jesus, not your feelings, hopes and dreams, fuels a strong marriage.

Our hope through premarital counseling is:

  • Deepen your grasp of the gospel as you see your need for continual renewal throughout your marriage.

  • Develop an understanding that the most difficult parts of marriage (communication, finances, and intimacy) are, at the root, heart-level issues.

  • Be challenged in practical ways that help you grow together as a couple, loving and serving each other sacrificially and unconditionally.

  • Be equipped to glorify God as fully as possible through your marriage.

Our process:

  • Apply online at least six months before your wedding date.

  • Attend our Marriage Class that we offer typically in Early Spring semester and early Fall semester each year.

  • We will assign you a marriage mentor couple who you will meet with five times.

  • Upon registration confirmation, we ask that you order two copies of Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller.

  • We also ask that you complete a few forms including the Prepare-Enrich Assessment online. We will provide you with the access link. The cost is $35.

Please contact us here if you have any questions.