Paradox Youth exists to disciple young people into intimacy with God, gospel fluency, and ministry to the world… with some games and snacks along the way.

The youth group focuses on helping each student form deep and meaningful relationships with his or her peers, to apply the word of God to their lives, and to participate in hands-on discipleship opportunities like outreach, mission trips, and various events throughout the school year.


*No meeting on the last Sunday of each month

Jr High
(6th–8th grade)

High School
(9th–12th grade)


What to Expect

During the building phase (2019 school year) junior high and high school students will be in the game time, worship time, and teaching time together. For the D-ship discussion time, junior high and high school students will be in separate areas.

Discipleship Groups

Each student is placed in a small group called a Discipleship Group (D-ship Groups) based on gender and age. In the D-ship group he or she can form deep and lasting relationships with other students and with the D-ship Group Leader.* The group leader is a trusted, older person from the body of The Paradox Church whose passion is to teach young people how to live the Christian life and by spending quality time in the lives of young people.

*All volunteers in the youth ministry will be vetted with background checks, a Ministry Safe Screening process, and a one-on-one interview with trained interviewers.

Events & outreach opportunities


The purpose of Prdx Youth Outreach is to introduce people to the saving grace of Jesus. Youth will be trained to share the gospel in effective ways and will be given opportunities to do so in supervised outreach excursions around Fort Worth.




There are 3 main purposes for the Prdx Youth events. 1) To give Prdx Youth something fun to do to help build friendships in meaningful contexts. 2) To give students and adult leaders chances to lead and take ministerial responsibilities. 3) To create a front door for new youth (and their families) to come into the life of the Prdx Church.



Band, Tech Team, and Other

Youth will minister to one another through their gifts and talents by being on the worship band, tech team, or any other art-related or service-related team whose purpose is to lead others into worship during the Sunday night events or other events.



Mission Trips

For Spring Break and/or summer, student leaders get a chance to lead other youth on mission trips, students get a chance to minister in other cultures or cities, and everyone gets discipled in the field.