This is who we are.
Jesus has made us this.

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 Joyful Worshippers

We are a worshipful people that turns to Jesus and celebrates God’s great grace.

Community of Light

We are a community of light
that pushes back darkness.

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Multiplying Church

We are a multiplying church: disciples that make disciples; missionaries that send missionaries.



Defining our foundational vision as a church.


What is our mission?

We have been called to Saturate Fort Worth with the glory and grace of Jesus.

Who are we to attempt this?

The Gospel of Jesus has made us Joyful Worshippers, a Community of Light, and a Multiplying Church.

What do we practice to accomplish this?

Compelled by the Gospel we practice Joyful Repentance, Enjoying God, Gospel Friendships, Bold Evangelism, and Biblical Formation.

What is our strategy?

By God’s grace and for God’s glory we Preach the Gospel, Plant Churches, and Push Back Darkness

What do we cling to when this is hard?

We cling to the Love of the Father, the Work of the Son, and the Power of the Holy Spirit