Covenant partnership (membership) in the church is a body of believers saying, “We need to do this together.” Partnership at The Paradox is participation in a family, a microcosm of the universal household of God. Because of this, we call our covenanted people “partners” to emphasize the fact that we expect them to be far more than spectators. The Paradox Church holds its partners in high regard. It is a commitment to our family, and a commitment from our family and pastors to you.

Step 1


The first step to becoming a partner at The Paradox, or simply learning more about what we believe, is to attend one of our two week partnership classes.

Step 2


Following your Partnership Class, you’ll be invited to meet with a Paradox pastor or deacon for a Partnership Interview. Don’t be intimidated; this is simply a time for us to get to know your story more personally and answer any questions you may have about our partnership covenant. We will discuss the walks of a partner: being a Christian, being baptized, giving, serving, and in community in one of our City Groups.

Step 3


Your Partnership Interviewer will help you take any next steps to finalize your membership. For you, this may be signing your partnership covenant and helping you take a next step in community, serving, and giving. For others, it may be walking with you through any additional requirements for partnership, such as baptism.